Small Business Technology Consulting

Small Business Technology Consulting Team

We are happy to announce that we are adding Small Business Technology Consulting to our line-up of small business solutions. Here is some more information:

Topics and Matters We Consult On:

  • Web design, Web development, websites, e-commerce
  • Online advertising, online reputation management, SEO – search engine optimization, social media marketing
  • Technology infrastructure (including hardware and software)
  • Data safety and redundancy
  • Business continuity planning for technology (preparation for disasters and disaster recovery)

Features of Our Small Business Technology Consulting:

Analysis – We can observe and study the problems that your business is facing to find answers and solutions for you.

Planning – Plan your technology projects so you can minimize mistakes and minimize delays to have a successful outcome.

Reports – Get documented answers and solutions to your technology questions and problems.

Blueprints – A blueprint for your technology-related projects can provide guidance and direction to the designers, developers and technicians working on your projects. For the business owner, it provides a guideline you can see. This way, you can know if your project is being done correctly and you can fix any issues early on to minimize mistakes, reduces unnecessary costs, and avoids delays.

Project Management – We have live project managers that can oversee and manage your technology projects. Project management gives small business owners the highest confidence ensuring their projects are completed correctly and on time.

Contact us if you have a need for or questions about our small business technology consulting.

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